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Hi, I am Dustin Blevins. I am owner of Simply Spiders. I have been apart of the USA tarantula hobby for 11 years and have been breeding for 5 years. I actually got into keeping tarantulas because I use to be UNBELIEVABLY scared of any arachnid. Over the years through research, hands on work, and a lot from my fellow keepers, I have learned to love and cherish these amazing creatures! I have dedicated my whole life to providing people with quality, captive bred spiders as well as accurate information about these tarantulas to make sure they thrive here in captivity! My greatest honor in life is to be a part of a hobby that I consider to be like a family and to be able to work with some of the most beautiful and elusive tarantulas in the world all while supplying a hobby I love with the tarantulas that they do!


This is Derek. Derek is kinda my right hand man here at Simply Spiders. He has been my full time employee for around 6 months and has been keeping spiders since he was a teenager. He packages most every order that is shipped from us and also breeds 90% of the species bred here. I met Derek at a friends exotic pet store and instantly could tell his passion for tarantulas was very unique. Over time Derek has collected many different species he likes to work with and currently has around 175ish tarantulas. He has always enjoyed keeping and learning about any species of arachnid and has become one of my favorite research buddies.


This Is Jessica (Jess) and Stephen (Bubba) Bess. They have been helping with Simply Spiders for about a year and a half. They currently have around 150 tarantulas. They got into the hobby because of Jess's stepson. He caught a spider and wanted to keep it but she wouldn't allow it because she was TERRIFIED of them. Bubba decided at that time to do some research and found out how truly awesome tarantulas are. After about 2 months of Bubba showing Jess some cool looking tarantulas, they got a hold of me (Dustin). After talking for about a week they decided to get their first one. They ended up choosing a G. porteri and naming it Wednesday. They have been collecting tarantulas ever since.


Scott got into tarantulas about 2 years ago and has been keeping true spiders for about 5 years. Scott has been helping with Simply Spiders for about 11 months. I met Scott at an exotic pet store my friend owns and after some talking and hanging out with Scott he was able to pick up quite a few different species for his collection. Scott currently has between 30 and 40 tarantulas but still keeps many different species of true spiders as well.

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