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Our Proven Process

Hello! If this is your first time ordering with us, here is what you can expect!

1. After we get your order, you will get an order confirmation

2. When it comes time to ship, we will message you the day before we plan to ship to find a day that works for you

3. Once your package has been shipped, you will get a shipping confirmation

We ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to prevent delays on packages from FedEx, so keep that in mind when making your order. 

Orders made on Sunday or after will be shipped the following week (one week later) 

Message us through the website if you have any questions! - Simply Spiders Team

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Our Policies

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Live Arrival/ Animal Health Guarantee

We provide Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) 

however the following steps MUST be followed for any Dead On Arrival (DOA) if any happen to occur: 

1. Report DOA with pictures and/ or video within 2 hours of package arrival

2. We guarantee the health of your tarantula. Any doubts of the health of the tarantula should be reported shortly after packaging within a 24hr window. This give us a chance to help you if anything goes wrong!

3. Shipping is never refunded on any DOA. This is considered a 3rd party expense

Heat packs are designed to keep your animals warm when its cooler outside (under 45 degrees F). However, when these heat packs are in a room temperature environment, they can very quickly dehydrate and overheat your pets, which can quickly decline their health. 

Cool packs are designed to keep your animals cool when its excessively warm outside (over 85 degrees), and when placed indoors can too create an environment for your pets that is hazardous. These are the reasons we have our "2 hour rule". 

Note: If something comes up last minute let us know ASAP. We work with you guys because life happens sometimes, but we can't cover every situation in our terms so please just contact us if something comes up last minute. - SS Team

Animal Sizing

 All Invertebrate sizes are approximate but not always exact. We estimate the average size of each species we keep but do not have time to measure and log each specimen we keep. Thank you for understanding. 

Need additional Help?

If you have any questions regarding any of our policies, or if you have any questions on the care of a potential new pet please feel free to message us on face book at the link on the home page or our email at and we will gladly help to the best of our ability!


All our pictures on our website are owned by Simply Spiders LLC or used with permission of the owner. The Simply Spiders Team


Customers may cancel their order as late as the day before we plan to ship your order. Cancelling orders adds labor time and costs, and may also prevent others from getting animals they have been searching for; for these reasons cancelled orders will incur a 10% restock fee. Please make sure you are committed to your purchase and do your research before buying!


Note: this fee does not include the 3% fee that is incurred on all online purchases. We eat this fee when you buy with us to give you a better experience and unfortunately can, in no way, recover this fee for your refund. Thanks for understanding - EU. 


Simply Spiders or any affiliated organizations do not assume any liability of damages or harm that may result from any living thing, product or item purchased from them at any time. While we love answering your questions and recommending species for you to enjoy, it is the customer's responsibility to do their own research on what they are purchasing and to prepare for any risk that may be associated with all things that may be purchased from us. Thank you for understanding. - SS Team


4/14/22: Update shipping coverage with replacements, additional details regarding shipping