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Message from New Management (6/15)

Hello, and thank you for visiting Simply Spiders. My name is William and I have been the new owner and manager of Simply Spiders for the last few months. My team and I from Exotics Unlimited have been providing customer service and shipping all of your orders since March 4th, 2022 and running the Simply Spiders site. We have been keeping, breeding and selling exotic animals for well over a decade, and ship thousands of tarantulas every year!


We will now begin redirecting everyone to Exotics Unlimited and beginning the process of absorbing SS within EU. This means all of our links from Simply Spiders will direct you to the EU website, and all customer service will be through EU communication directly. 

We look forward to offering you better service, more updated stock, and hard to find species through our website at EU! Take advantage of all the things you have seen with the new SS site and more. Come see why we are one of the best in the industry. 

We hope to see you all real soon. - William manager at EU and SS

How We Ship

1. The invertebrate department ships on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to avoid weekend delays 

2. Our schedule is as follows: 

Orders Monday through Sunday ship the following Tuesday and Wednesday {whichever works best for you :)}

3. Overnight shipping does not mean that your order will ship the next day, only that your animals will spend one night in shipping. 

Captive Bred Animals

We save you the trouble and only deal with captive bred animals so you get healthier animals that are stronger!


We deal with hundreds of species of tarantulas and even import to provide one of the best selections of tarantulas in the USA!


We work with several species of isopods that can be used for bioactive enclosures, pets and even feeders!

Contact Us

Feel free to contact our new team with any questions you have on care and advice. We want the pets you get from us to THRIVE!

First time ordering? Click below and we'll explain the process!

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One of our main focuses here at Simply Spiders is tarantula breeding. Through out the year we produce multiple species of tarantulas! Feel free to check out some pictures from our breeding projects this year by clicking on the link

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Need Tarantula Enclosures? 

If you haven't heard, Tarantula Cribs has some amazing enclosures for your tarantulas, and other invertebrates. Check out their site by clicking the picture below!

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